Scott Serson

Former Federal Deputy Minister

Scott Serson

Scott Serson is a member of the Board of Directors of Canadians for a New Partnership, and a former federal Deputy Minister who spent much of his career working on issues related to First Peoples.

Appointed Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet, Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs in 1989, he provided strategic advice on federal-provincial relations and Aboriginal constitutional issues. He also co-chaired the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples Rights in the process that led to the Charlottetown Constitutional Accord.

In September 1995, Mr. Serson was appointed Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. In that role he was instrumental in the development of the government’s response to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. He also provided public service leadership in the final stage of the creation of Nunavut.

After retiring from the public service in 2003, Scott served as a policy advisor to the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Phil Fontaine for five years. During that time he helped conceptualize and negotiate the Kelowna Accord, which would have transformed federal financing of services for First Nations.